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About the What's up in Kyoto Event Calendar

The What's up in Kyoto event calendar is free to use for anyone. We are carefully checking all of the events that are entered into our event calendar for accuracy as to the event's date, time, place, etc. and try to edit events as soon as possible if we hear of any changes in the event details.

However, sometimes events may get cancelled or postponed without prior notice. This may especially be true of any outdoor events in case of bad weather.

Note that whatsupinkyoto.com cannot be held responsible for such cancellations or changes, nor can we compensate for any losses or expenses incurred (e.g., travel costs) for an event that has been cancelled, postponed, or had any other changes, whether they were known to us in advance or not.

Submitting Events to the What's up in Kyoto Event Calendar

Anyone may submit events to the What's up in Kyoto Event Calendar on our submission page. All user submitted events will be reviewed and published within one or two days. We reserve the right to edit, change, or update a submitted event, or not to publish a submitted event at all. Our decision in this respect is final. We cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by not publishing a submitted event in our calendar.

When submitting events, please give as much information as possible. Also, if you upload a picture for the event, it may be published on the What's up in Kyoto Event Calendar. Furthermore, you also grant us permission to publish the same image on our associated facebook and twitter pages, as well as our mailing list for free. If you do not upload a specific image for your event, we may choose one of our own.

When submitting an event, you will be asked for your name and email address. We will use this email address only if we have any further questions as to your submitted event. Your email address will not be published, nor will it be shared with anyone not directly involved in the production or maintenance of the What's up in Kyoto Event Calendar.


We Respect Your Privacy!

The privacy of the visitors to our What's up in Kyoto event calendar and other pages is very important to us. Still, on all pages of whatsupinkyoto.com we use tracking to improve our services to you, the visitors of our sites.

As our analytic tool, we use Matomo (formerly known as piwik), an open source solution for website analytics. Through matomo, we only collect general information, for example your country, browser type, pages you visit, length of your visit. Neither we nor matomo itself collect, store, or share any personal information or any other information that would allow us or anybody else to personally identify the visitors to our site.

For our monthly newsletter, we use mailchimp. To get our newsletter, you must sign up with a valid email address (required) and a name (optional). You can unsubscribe at any time. We do not share or sell your email addresses with anyone, unless it is necessary for sending the newsletter. You may occasionally receive other email communication from us.

Our event calendar is made by Tockify, a small team of developers and designers dedicated to making it easier to create and consume time related information on the internet.

Our maps, both inside the What's up in Kyoto event calendar and on the other pages of whatsupinkyoto.com, are powered by Google Maps.