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TakuTaku – Live for 45 Years

The sign at the Live House TakuTaku in Kyoto.

Located directly in the center of the city as well as in the hearts of music lovers of all ages is one of Kyoto’s oldest live music venues, the TakuTaku.

About TakuTaku

The TakuTaku has a long and impressive history: Before the building was converted to a café in 1974, it had been a sake brewery. The occasional live performances in the evenings turned into regular events, and finally, in 1975, the TakuTaku was turned into the live house we know today.

Over the years, the TakuTaku has seen many famous international blues and rock bands and also provided the first stepping stone for Japanese rock and pop bands. The many posters on the walls speak of its history, and many more names will be added in the future.

Come early to secure a seat at one of the large tables and enjoy the food and drinks while waiting for the band to come on stage.

The interior of the TakuTaku.

TakuTaku Special

Merchandise: When you visit the TakuTaku, you can bring home more than just memories. Get one of their T-shirts in various colors and designs; a favourite is the one of the 45th anniversary back in 2019.

TakuTaku Spotlight Performances in April 2020

Flyer for Comradeship Concert.

Thu. 2, 19:00 Firebird Vol. 3 To prevent the spread of the Corona virus, this event has been postponed.

Have a great night with Takao Watanabe (Tp) Junya Suzuki (Vo.G) Masahiro Yamamoto (Dr) and MIZUKAMI (Vo) PEEWEE (G) AMBOY (G) BRODAQ (Ba) JUNSUKE (Dr)

Sat. 4, 18:30 So-on-G & Yoru Strangers To prevent the spread of the Corona virus, this event has been cancelled.

Two Japanese rock bands come on stage today: So-on-G and Yoru Strangers (Night Strangers) are ready for a great evening. Are you?

Thu.16 & Fri. 17, 19:00 Comradeship 1st. - Singers - To prevent the spread of the Corona virus, this event has been postponed.

with Katsu Shijima, Kawole and Nyudo and the TK Band.

Flyer for Botanical House Vol. 7.

Sat. 25, 18:00 ZIG ZAG Special 40th Anniversary Live

ZIG ZAG have been making music since 1980. In this anniversary performance, they are joined by Kyoto’s own Bambino and D.U.D. from Osaka.

Wed. 29, 17:00 Botanical House Vol. 7.

Seiichi Yamamoto, who lived in Kyoto and led the Kansai Indie scene, will unite with SUPER PLAYGROUND with Keizo Suhara, senoo ricky, and Futoshi Nishitaki. New on stage is up-and-coming performer Yusuke Sato.

Our calendar includes only a few of the great concerts at the TakuTaku, so make sure to check out their website for their full monthly list of performances.

Photos # 2, 3, 4 courtesy of the Live House TakuTaku.