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The best places to stay in Kyoto

Kyoto is home to 1000 shrines and temples, many unique sights like Nijo Castle that made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list, and countless shops, cafes, and restaurants that all need to be tried out. No way you can see and do all this in a single day! Thankfully, Kyoto also has a broad range of accommodation catering to different visitor's needs and expectations.

Classic Japanese - Ryokan and Minshuku

Perfect Hospitality in a Japanese Ryokan.

Ryokan, classic Japanese hotels, are the pinnacle of Japanese hospitality. Large rooms with tatami and futons make you feel like a feudal lord. The exquisite Japanese food (breakfast is usually included) and the little things like a cup of fresh green tea upon your return to the ryokan, will do the rest. Besides your own bathroom, there will also be a public bath or sento for all guests. Ryokan may command a higher price, but we promise that you will never again feel so pampered and well cared for!

Equally traditional at a cheaper price areminshuku, small, often family-run inns located in residential Japanese neighbourhoods. You will still get your own tatami room, but you may have to share a bathroom with the other guests. Meals are usually not included, but the family atmosphere will more than make up for it. This is the best option for travellers on a budget who still want to experience the old Japan.

Modern Japanese - Capsule Hotels

Capsule Hotels for the adventurers!

Speaking about budget, moderncapsule hotels are the Japanese version of dormitory style guest houses: Gender-separated floors with shared toilets and showers (although many capsule hotels have large public baths too) and, well, capsules to sleep in. Usually, there are two rows of one-person capsules on top of each other, each capsule equipped with bedding, fan, small TV and small safe to store valuables over night. The capsules are large enough so you can sit upright comfortably, and when lying down, you will not be able to reach the ceiling. If you are the adventurous type of traveller, capsule hotels are for you!

International Standard Hotels

A nice hotel room to relax in.

Of course, Kyoto also has many hotels providing rooms at world-wide standards. From big international 5* hotels to national chains for Japanese business travellers, you will find it here in Kyoto. Or, why not stay at one of the unique Machiya Hotels where traditional Japanese merchant homes have been converted into modern hotels. Wherever you will stay, we are sure that you will find just the right hotel that makes your stay in Kyoto the best it can be!