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Welcome to Kyoto!

About What's up in Kyoto

We are a young startup from Kyoto, an exciting city in the heart of Japan. With a history of more than 1000 years as the seat of the Japanese emperors, there is plenty to see, explore and discover here. Our passion is exactly that: to go out and explore the city, its festivals, museums, theaters, night life...

We did find, however, that even though there is so much to do in Kyoto, the information about it that is available in English is limited. Of course, you cannot miss the big annual events like Gion Matsuri or the Daimonji. But we want more than that! There is so much to do in Kyoto, and we want to make What's up in Kyoto the first place for visitors to find out about it. Follow us through Kyoto - from the main must-see parts down the little alleys where the true gems are hidden; from the monthly highlights to the small events only the locals know about. We hope you'll enjoy your stay in Kyoto!

We have just started this site, so this is still very much a work in progress. Please come back again and watch us grow!

We are happy to hear your suggestions about this site and to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us and don't forget to like What's up in Kyoto on facebook and follow What's up in Kyoto on twitter!

Thank you!

Our Company

Seisen Media Ltd.

Takano Nishihirakicho 34-1
606-8103 Kyoto